Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Short List

I've been busy as of late and haven't had time to come up with a full-blown blog post. But I do have a number of short items.

Although a full week has passed since they first started running the series, the News-Press has not published one letter to the editor, pro or con, about Peter Lance's five-part series about on his own arrest for drunk driving.

It's not like people don't have an opinion on the articles. The link on Edhat to my blog post got over 1100 reads and 39 comments. However, another link on Edhat to a reader asking, "Where can I find the best nachos in all of Santa Barbara?" got over 1500 hits and more than 40 comments. I guess people are more opinionated about nachos than journalism.

I take Randy Rowse at his word when he says he never promised that he wouldn't run for a full term on the Santa Barbara City Council. But I sure didn't hear him correct Dale Francisco back in December when Francisco assured fellow council member Grant House that Rowse had indicated he would only serve out the one year remaining on the term of Das Williams, whom he was appointed to replace.

And if Francisco looks like he's lost weight lately, it's probably from all of that backpedaling he's been doing from his position that the Brown Act should be repealed.

When you consider that Oprah reportedly paid $52 million 10 years ago for her Montecito mansion, $50 million to build a new Santa Barbara Police station doesn't sound so outrageous.

I think it's fair to assume that in those negotiations between garbage haulers that led up to Marborg buying out Allied Waste Services, there must have been a lot of trash talking.
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