Friday, June 10, 2011

Messenger And My Column Hit The Streets

I know, I've been writing less and less as of late. But sometimes life and other commitments get in the way. But I do have a new column today. However in order to read it you're going to have to run out and pick up a copy of the premiere issue of the Montecito Messenger which is available for free on newsstands today or, if you live in Montecito, you may even find it delivered to your house

In the column I write about my recent visit with former Santa Barbara News-Press and Boston Globe publisher Steven Ainsley, who has returned to town to take over the reins at Miller-McCune Magazine.

I've been trying to finagle an advance copy of the debut issue of Montecito Messenger but I guess I don't know the right people, so I can't tell you much about what else besides my column is in this first edition. But Josh Molina, the paper's news editor, had this to say about the cover story.

The cover story, Miramar Mystery, was written by Michael Bowker, a friend and fantastic investigative journalist. Through in-depth reporting and brilliant writing, Bowker weaves together a sensational narrative that brings the story of the Miramar alive. We couldn't ask for a better, more comprehensive, sizzling story to launch the debut issue of the Montecito Messenger.

My print column will be appearing every Friday in the Messenger. And as always, if I have anything to say anything in the meantime, you can find it right here on my blog.

And, if you're driving down Coast Village Road today and you happen to see a strange figure wandering aimlessly down the street, it's not a transient who strayed over from State Street, but instead, probably me scouring the news racks for extra copies of the Montecito Messenger to send to the folks back home.
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