Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Film Fest Photo Ops

I made my first visit of the year to the red carpet Monday night for the Geoffrey Rush/"King's Speech" tribute. My old cronies from the media contingent on the carpet welcomed me back and one of them asked why I wasn't taking more photos while I was there? My reply was, "Oh, I have my photographer to do that for me." Although I didn't mean to, I probably came off as if I was trying to sound like some big shot.

Photo Credit: Chuck Cagara /

Alyssa Price (Director, The Monstrosity)

Photo Credit: Chuck Cagara /

Brittany Ballard and Jamil Walker Smith (Producer/Cast, Make A Movie Like Spike)

Photo Credit: Chuck Cagara /

But the truth is, it's nice to have a choice of really high quality photos to accompany my Film Fests posts and I'm grateful to Chuck Cagara who feeds them to me every night.

Chuck has to get to the red carpet at least an hour before the arrivals start in order to stake out a good position. And when things are behind schedule, as they did for James Franco the other night, Chuck spends as much as three hours on the red carpet and then another nearly two hours inside before he heads home to start sifting through the photos to send to me.

Chuck has the services of his assistant Marie or maybe I should say that Marie has the services of her assistant, Chuck. They are husband and wife.

The downside of having so many photos at my disposal is that there's not enough room on to publish them all on my main blog page. But if you want to see more, please go to my 2011 Film Fest Photo Gallery where there are some 50 or so photos with the number growing everyday.
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