Thursday, February 17, 2011

Capps Isn't Among Those in the House Who Is Sleeping at the Job

NBC News had a story yesterday on members of Congress who sleep in their offices instead of maintaining a second residence in the Capital.

I was curious as to whether our own representative in Congress, Lois Capps was among those who sleeps around the office.

"She certainly doesn't sleep in her office," her press representative, Ashley Schapitl, assured me in an e-mail.

Without getting too personal, I asked what are the Congresswoman's sleeping arrangements? According to Schapitl, "Her daughter Laura and her husband live on Capitol Hill, and Lois lives with them while in D.C."

So Barack Obama isn't the only person in Washington who has his mother in law staying with him!

As the video indicates, there are some who think using government offices as a residence is a benefit which the lawmakers ought to be taxed on.

In Santa Barbara, we'd know how to put a stop to people sleeping in public places. We'd rearrange the furniture!

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