Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who Is Randy Rowse?

My first reaction when I heard the name that garnered the crucial forth vote was, "Who is Randy Rowse?" And then when I saw him as he strode to the front of the council chamber to take the oath it dawned on me, "It's the owner of the Paradise!"

I'd seen him around plenty of times before. I didn't know him by name, I only knew him as "The-Dude-Who-Owns-The-Paradise." I had no idea he was one of the applicants for the Council. Shame on me.

But then again, I predicted that whoever got the appointment would likely do so by flying in under the radar and he sure flew in under mine.

Just a week ago I was sitting in his saloon having a burger and a beer and he was there talking to the person who was sitting next to me. Well they always say the best place to hide is in plain sight.

Not that he was hiding. It was more like I wasn't looking.

Rowse, who is a Mesa resident, has been active in the Downtown Organization and is the chair of the City's Downtown Parking Committee. And heck, considering the proximity of the Paradise to City Hall and its popularity as a watering hole with elected officials, his restaurant has probably been the venue for more Brown Act violations than one can shake a stick at. Just kidding folks.

His statement of interest which accompanied his application for the council wasn't lengthy or particularly detailed. You can view it here.

And no, he certainly didn't get a mention in my predictions as among those who I thought had a decent shot at the appointment.

Hopefully, the next time I stop in at his restaurant to grab a bite to eat he won't offer to serve me up some crow along with my Paradise Burger.
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