Monday, December 13, 2010

Jump Online to Question the Council Hopefuls

When the 46 aspirants for the vacancy on the Santa Barbara City Council made their four-minute pitches last Tuesday, the present council sure didn't ask many questions of them. The incumbent council members sat patiently through the presentations with nary a meaningful question being asked.

Although the Council didn't quiz the applicants that doesn't mean that you can't. Tonight a live candidates (or should I say applicants) forum will take place between 6 and 8 pm. It won't be on TV but you can watch it on the Internet. And you can ask questions. In fact, your participation is encouraged.

I'll be moderating the chat board where you can submit questions as you watch the forum. And I'll be throwing in my two-cents worth as well. At least 15 of the 46 candidates have confirmed their attendance at the forum which will be moderated by Hannah-Beth Jackson.

The live candidate forum can be viewed at and right here on my blog. Watching it should as easy as streaming a movie over Netflix.

During the event, there will be an online public poll so you can vote for the applicant that you would like to see fill the vacant seat. The results of the poll will be presented to the City Council during the public comment period of the next day's Council meeting where the incumbents will be voting on who will become their newest colleague.

So, you can watch the forum from the comfort of your home, have a glass of wine while you're doing so and ask all of the questions that you want. Can't do that at City Hall!
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