Friday, August 13, 2010

Take This Job and Shove It?

James Zoltak, who since 2007 has been the Assistant City Editor of the Santa Barbara News-Press, has left the paper.

Zoltak confirmed in an e-mail to me that he submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday and is looking for new employment.

An experienced newspaperman whose resume includes stints at both the Associated Press and Reuters, Zoltak did not shed any light on exactly why he quit his job. But considering how tough it is to find employment in journalism these days coupled with the fact that he has the mouths of 10-year old twins to feed, you have to assume that something about his working conditions at the paper made him very unhappy.

No word on whether Zoltak grabbed a couple of beers on his way out and used the inflatable emergency slide to make his exit from the News-Press building.

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