Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Talk of the Town

Acting District Attorney Ann Bramsen has succeeded in doing what President Richard Nixon could never do, that is, "bring us together." I can't remember the last time in this town when no matter where you go everybody is talking about the same thing, the firing of Josh Lynn. It's literally the talk of the town.

Unless Lynn threatened to blow the building up, it's hard to imagine what he could have said in that e-mail that he reportedly sent out to co-workers which would have warranted firing him.

Sometimes the first symptom of a heart attack is death. In Lynn's case, the first sign that Bramsen was unhappy with his conduct was termination.

Felons get "three strikes." Evidently unsuccessful candidates for DA only get one strike.

Bramsen insist that Lynn's status as an "at will" employee means he can be fired for no reason at all. For a criminal lawyer she sure knows a whole lot about "no fault" divorce.

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I hope DA elect Joyce Dudley's next press conference is more informative than her first one.

For most politician's who get elected, the first item on their agenda is to retire their campaign debt. For Dudley, the first order of business was to retire her opponent.

Lynn may not have gotten the license number of that truck that hit him but he does know that Bramsen was behind the wheel and Dudley was riding in the passenger seat.

Was Tuesday the kick-off of the "Josh Lynn for DA in 2014" campaign?

Lynn's reaction to being put on administrative leave may have been what caused Bramsen to terminate him, but the question that remains unanswered is why did Bramsen feel it necessary to put him on administrative leave and delay his return to work by one day to begin with? What did she expect, a riot to break out if Lynn came back to the office? That's the missing link in this story. That business about reviewing the organization of the office and avoiding disruption is wholly unsatisfactory. Until there is a credible answer to that question, people will be talking about this for a long time.

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