Tuesday, May 04, 2010

DA Candidates Get The Message

It should hardly have come as an epiphany, but as I left last night's District Attorney candidates' forum I realized that there's really not much that the two opponents in this race disagree on.

Joyce Dudley and Josh Lynn both agree that the most serious threat to the county is violent crime, both agree that a cautious approach is the best one to take when considering whether or not to seek the death penalty and both chose My Cousin Vinny, as their favorite law related movie.

Surprisingly, perhaps, both deny harboring any animosity towards the other.

Quite a contrast to their first debate, which took place a little less than a month ago, where the accusations flew and the bad blood seemed to boil.

Of course a format where the candidates sit down separately with a moderator rather than go head-to-head in a true debate provides for far less drama. Add to that the fact that your boss is telling both of you to cool it and it's not hard to understand why the level of the rhetoric in this race has been taken down a few notches.

So now that acting DA Ann Bramsen has brought peace to the DA's race, maybe we ought to send her off to the Middle East to work her magic there?

* * *

A reader wrote in to point out that for the first time in two years, May 1 has come and gone without News-Press owner Wendy McCaw laying off any employees.

* * *

A recent episode of House Hunters, the HGTV show that documents home buyers searches for real estate, features a Goleta resident whose name is Ky. (The parent's must have been saying, "We can name our baby in two letters!) Anyway, Ky is a 21 year old college student who lives with his dad Trent. He is looking to move out and buy a house or condo in Ventura.

According to the narrator of the episode, Ky's mother and her boyfriend are helping him with the down payment.

Ky ends up buying a condo in Ventura for just under $300,000. A 21 year old college student buying a $300,000 condo? Either times have changed since I was 21, or HGTV has succeeded in taking the "reality" out of reality TV.

* * *
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