Sunday, April 11, 2010

Float On! Float On!

Looks like the Sheriff's Department turned Floatopia into Halloween II.

Floatopia refugees, mostly UCSB Students, take to the balconies of Isla Vista

For one brief weekend Carpinteria couldn't claim the title of "the world's safest beach." On Saturday, that honor went to the beach below the bluffs of Isla Vista where local law enforcement succeeded in pulling off the most successful blockade of a coastline since the Cuban missile crisis. It was no small effort on the part of the cops, who did everything but bring in volleyball announcer Chris Marlowe to declare, "The beach is closed." And instead of fighting for their right to party, the would-be revelers took the party to the streets of I.V.

Based on the video I saw on KEY News, it looks like UCSB students are spending more time in the tattoo parlor than they are in the library.

And what about that guy on the tape complaining that since the beach is "public property" it should never be closed? In addition to requiring students to take "bonehead English" we perhaps should require them to take "bonehead Civics" as well.

This year, Floatopia coincided with UCSB's Spring Insight Open House for prospective and admitted students and their families.

Wonder if any of those parents and their kids got to check out Saturday's "great American challenge" that took place on Sabado Tarde in Isla Vista? According to Emily Wilson's article on Noozhawk, it's a contest between five teams of four people sent each team racing to drink 30 beers, down an eighth of marijuana, eat two pizzas and assemble a 100-piece puzzle.

I'm sure that must have been medical marijuana they were inhaling.

More Floatopia coverage, photos and video from UCSB's Daily Nexus.

* * *

Today is the deadline to pay your property taxes to the county. But a graphic on Friday's KEY News shown on the screen during the introduction to their property tax story showed the logo of the IRS.

I guess those interns at KEYT have never written a check to the county for their taxes.

* * *

Is there any place left to buy a CD in this town? According to an item on Edhat, the Fye music store in Loreto Plaza, which used to be the Wherehouse, is closing.

How long will it be before we are buying all of our entertainment through iTunes and everything else we might need from Walmart?

* * *
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