Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Politics and Dirty Laundry

On the second day of March, politics and elections seem to be dominating the local news. Might have something to do with the fact that the June Primary election is now only about 90 days away. Of course if you were to look at the headlines you might wonder if we're talking about June 1974 rather than June 2010. Or maybe I just emerged from one of those hot tub time machines?

California Attorney General and former governor (1975-1983) Jerry Brown is scheduled to announce that he is running for governor today. According to the LA Times he will make his announcement online. So much for Brown arriving at the press conference in a '74 Plymouth. Analysis of how Brown will become the Democratic nominee in a walkover from Calbuzz.

Steve Lopez's recent column in the LA Times focuses on State Senator Abel Maldonado and how the moderate Republican from Santa Maria, whose nomination to become Lieutenant Governor is in limbo, has become a political orphan.

* * *

30-year-old Goleta resident Clark Vandeventer announced that he is running for Congress in the 23rd District, the seat presently held by Lois Capps. What's up with making the campaign announcement at Paseo Nuevo Mall? I guess that's one way to insure there will be a lot of people around.

Actually if he wanted a bigger crowd he should have gone around the corner and announced in front of California Pizza Kitchen where there is typically a large number of people waiting for a seat. Probably could have picked up a few votes if he had offered to buy barbecued chicken pizza for everyone.

On the same day he announced his candidacy, Vandeventer's Twitter account was hacked. Hopefully if elected to Congress he won't be applying for appointment to the House Committee for Internet and Cyber security.

* * *

It's getting a makeover and a change of name, but not a change of ownership. Epiphany, the restaurant and bar located in the first block of West Victoria that closed its doors on February 15, will reopen this Friday as Hob Nob. And if you want to hear Peggy Lee's classic rendition of the song "Fever," just click on that link in the previous sentence that goes to their website.

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Finally, I don't mean to get too personal but are those panties you're wearing clean? I mean really clean? According to a report on the Today Show this morning, some retailers, such as Bloomingdales and Victoria's Secret, are selling used underwear. Here's a video report, if you dare.
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