Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chips and Twits

While watching the Winter Olympics last night and trying to remember the difference between ice dancing and the pairs competition, I heard a commentator mention that one of the competitors had "Tweeted" something. All of this without an explanation of what "Tweeting" or "Twitter" is. Twitter has come along way in the brief time it's been a part of the the Internet cyberspace.

In fact, the LA Times has an article on how popular Twitter has become among members of Congress. Now, if they could only keep those filibustering speeches to 140 characters or less.

And as far as I can tell, our own representative, Lois Capps, does not have a Twitter account. If she did she probably would have Tweeted that her Communications Director Emily Kryder, is leaving to take a similar position with Senator Tom Carper of Delaware. (The news came from Emily via old fashioned e-mail.) No word yet on who will replace Kryder who held the position for nearly four years but I'd say the first order of business for the new Communications Director is to set up a Twitter account.

Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen does have a Twitter account and he Tweets that a fierce critic of Noozhawk's comments registration ... has registered to comment.

BTW, I'm on Twitter and can be followed there as well.

* * *

It was the day after Valentine's Day but there appears to be no love lost between the CHP and the Montecito Fire Department. The Associated Press reports that a Montecito fire fighter (a battalion chief) no less, was handcuffed for refusing to move his rig that had responded to an accident on the 101. The Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. Sounds like the fire fighter might have encountered a chippy "Chippy."

* * *

No longer El Jefe de la Jardin. Ed Schneider, who for the past 18 years has been the head of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is leaving to take a similar post at the University of Minnesota. Details in the Daily Sound.

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New blog in town: Happy Hour Housewives of SB, which is billed as, "The insider’s compass to navigating the happy hour culture." And no, they're not to be confused with the Real Housewives of the Mesa.

Santa Barbara's Blog has become Santa Barbara View. The change became effective February 16.

And not exactly sure when it went up, but KEYT has a redesigned website.

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In a follow-up to my post last week about the race between Susan Jordan and Das Williams in the Democratic primary for State Assembly, Jordan writes to say, "I signed the comprehensive state clean campaign pledge that one receives when you pick up your filing papers. This is the one that is actually referenced in the election code and that also addresses fundraising."

* * *

Monday's LA Times had an article on the nine candidates vying to be the state's next attorney general. The field includes our own lame-duck Assemblyman, Pedro Nava, who was identified in the article as a, "self-described dark horse."

* * *

Rob Kuznia has an article in Noozhawk examining salaries among administrators and staff at the Santa Barbara School District. Although the headline to the article concludes that the school district does not have a lot of administrative bloat, I have to admit, I had no idea that secondary school principals made that much money. In most cases around $120,000. And that's for a 225 day year! Here's the list of the top 21 salaries in the school district.

* * *

Six years after Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl half-time show, CBS and the FCC are still arguing about the amount of the fine.

Finally, we have an answer to the question: How many hours can a lawyer can bill over a single nipple?
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