Thursday, December 31, 2009

KJEE Pulls Plug On Spencer and Adam

Another chapter is Santa Barbara radio has come to an end. Spencer Fischer, popular morning DJ at KJEE will be signing off for the last time this morning (Thursday Dec. 31). KJEE is pulling the plug on the show, which featured him and partner Adam Lundquist, and replacing it with syndicated programing.

Adam Lunquist and Spencer Fischer in the studio in Feb. 2009

The popular duo has been voted the "most popular morning radio show" in the Independent Readers Poll.

The end of the KJEE morning show will leave only David Perry and Julie Ramos at KTYD and Gary and Catherine at KLITE and Matt Stone at the KRUZ morning show, as the only locally originated morning programming on FM radio in Santa Barbara.

The reason for the change is not clear. Both Spencer and Adam have been offered other shifts at the station although Spencer has announced on his Facebook page that he will be on a "new" station in the mornings in 2010. Speculation is that it will be 103.3.

John Palminteri, who does the local news on the morning show, will remain on the station to do the news in the mornings. However, gone will be the opportunity for him to banter about what's going on in the news with the hosts of the show.