Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Explanations Are In Order All Around

Okay, so I admit it. I've been slacking off lately when it comes to blogging and I suppose that an explanation is in order.

Even I will concede, with Travis Armstrong gone, the News-Press isn't quite the target-rich environment it used to be. But contrary to rumor, I haven't been spending my afternoons and evenings at Freeman's Lounge drowning my sorrows over his departure.

And no, I didn't fall into a trance, navel gazing, which was what I was doing when I was last seen in the blogosphere.

Actually, what's taken me out of the blogging game the past two weeks is moving to a new house. Yes, I've abandoned the Mesa for a small cottage in downtown S.B.

Packing and unpacking and literally getting my new house in order has taken my mind off blogging. And I found out that once you fall out of the blogging routine, it can be hard to start back up.

While I was busy moving, one of the things that slipped by me was Daily Sound "opinion columnist" Gina Perry going over the top again. Way over the top.

If there was ever any doubt about where Perry was coming from, she solidified her credentials as a hater with her latest column which appeared in last Thursday's print edition of the Sound.

Travis Armstrong at his meanest never got as ugly as Perry got when she concluded her op-ed page piece, which was devoted to grousing about President Obama, by stating, "The most dangerous extremist in this country is the one running it. Perhaps a bounty should be put on his head."

Yep, you read it right. She just threatened the President and the Daily Sound published it.

If Santa Barbara is your village, then Perry is your idiot.

Look, I'm all for having a variety of voices and opinions in a newspaper, but with Perry's last comment it's time we found the broom she flew into town on and bought her a one-way ticket back to wherever she came from.

I'm not alone in suggesting it's time the Daily Sound said "adios" to Perry. Tuesday's edition of the paper had seven letters from readers protesting Perry's column and wondering how the Sound could ever justify running it.

And how can they justify it? I've explained why I haven't been blogging. I think the Daily Sound ought to explain why they continue to give Gina Perry such a large stage for her small mind.
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