Monday, October 26, 2009

Quaids Fail To Show Up In Court, Again

Turns out Randall Van Wolsfwinkel isn't the only Texan who is shy about showing his face in Santa Barbara.

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife failed to show up again for their Santa Barbara court hearing Monday on charges that they defrauded the San Ysidro Ranch by not paying their $10,000 tab for staying there.

Deputy DA Lee Carter talking to media following the Quaids' non-appearance.

According to Deputy DA Lee Carter, Quaid and his wife are still in Texas. Carter got a phone call from a representative of the Quaids asking to put matter over to Thursday.

Carter said he will seek to extradite them from Texas if they don't appear in court Thursday. Meanwhile, there's a warrant for their arrest that hasn't been served on them.
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