Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Commercial Randall Van Wolfswinkel Doesn't Want You to See

The Santa Barbara County League of Conservation Voters, a small environmental PAC, had a little campaign ad made by local filmmaker Brent Sumner (who was also the videographer on Citizen McCaw). The League made a modest buy of commercial time on KEYT, Channel 3, for the ad.

I've learned that Preserve Our Santa Barbara, the PAC that Van Wolfswinkel has single-handedly funded, purchased an additional $75,000 of airtime on KEYT for its own commercials. That's an amount that is sufficient to effectively block any and all additional ad buys for The League of Conservation Voter's campaign ad.

So, since you may not be able to see this ad on KEYT, you can see it here anytime you like.