Thursday, August 06, 2009

News-Press Uses Fiesta To Create Flap Over Flag

According to the News-Press, the folks who work at City Hall are not only overpaid, they're un-American too.

The paper's lead editorial Wednesday claims that the failure to hang the Stars and Stripes from the balcony of City Hall during Fiesta, "is a slap at the American Flag."

So, if the News-Press really feels so strongly about displaying Old Glory, what's keeping them from putting the flag in their masthead?

Then again, Wendy McCaw has never been one to lead by example.

* * *

What's the hardest thing to find on State Street during Fiesta? A happy hour.

Oh, there are plenty of places to sit down and have a drink. In fact, at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon (the first day of Fiesta) I paid $5 for a beer at Left at Albuquerque. Only problem is, 24 hours earlier that same beer at that same bar cost only $3.

I won't be back again until Fiesta is over.

After all, I may look dumb but it's only a disguise.
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