Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Was A Commotion Near The Ocean

So who really was behind that ostentatious fireworks display that was set off near Butterfly Beach on Saturday night?

Early reports on Edhat and over at craigslist, attributed it to Beanie Babies tycoon and Biltmore Hotel owner Ty Warner who has an estate near Channel Drive.

Then on Tuesday, The Independent reported that the pyrotechnics were set off for a feature film that is being shot in the City of Santa Barbara. But by Wednesday, it retracted that story saying that the source of the fireworks are still under investigation, but that it was neither the movie nor Warner who was responsible for the display.

My own reliable source, who wishes not to be identified, tells me that it was local telecom millionaire Chris Edgecomb who had the fireworks set off.

It makes sense, when Edgecomb shows up to party, he shows up big. In the late '90s Edgecomb hired Jay Leno to entertain the guests at his wedding reception.

Saturday night's fireworks must have been especially good. At least one person thought they were better than the official Fourth of July fireworks show.

The last time Edgecomb made news locally was back in October 2005 when it was revealed that he had been pushed to the ground by Santa Barbara Sheriff's Council President Jim Towle during a confrontation between the two that took place inside the headquarters of the Sheriff's Department and in front of then Sheriff Jim Anderson.

Towle was charged with battery and eventually plead "no contest" to disturbing the peace. The Sheriff's Council was soon after disbanded and Anderson lost his bid for reelection.

Don't know for sure what event was being celebrated when the fireworks were set off (commenters at Edhat say it was Edgecomb's birthday.) But whatever it was I think it's safe to assume that neither Towle nor Anderson were on the guest list.
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