Saturday, March 14, 2009

The News-Press Dumps "The Investigator"

Word has been relayed to me down here in Buenos Aires that the Santa Barbara News-Press has dropped Robert Eringer, who wrote the Saturday page two column under the handle, "The Investigator."

Seems that his last column, which did a number on Santa Barbara Chief of Police Cam Sanchez, alleging abuse of authority on the Chief's part in the Wayne Scoles case, proved to be too much for the paper.

It reportedly generated a large volume of correspondence that contained a lot of unflattering allegations about Sanchez. Eringer reportedly included many of those allegations in a column that was intended to run today (Saturday) but now, in all likelihood, will never be published.

Eringer could always be depended upon to write a weekly missive that had a sinister take on whatever the topic was. Most of the time, those topics seemed to be far removed from anything that might have a local angle.

Turning his attention to a local high profile official is evidently what prompted the News-Press to show him the door.

So, let me see, within the past several months News-Press columnists Dr. Laura, Mineards and now Eringer have all left the paper. Does the News-Press have a columnist left (other than sports or opinion) who isn't writing about sea life or nature?
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