Thursday, January 15, 2009

In The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing

As you may have heard, a US Airways plane with 155 people or board had to make a crash landing into the Hudson River earlier this afternoon.

Everyone on board the plane survived the crash and evidently avoided any serious injuries as well.

According to news reports, the pilot, Chesley Sullenberger, not only landed the plane on the Hudson but walked the aisle of the plane, twice no less, after it came to rest to make sure everyone got out. Sullenberger was the last one to leave the plane.

Can't help by wonder what "The Investigator" would have to say about the people who work at US Airways now.

You may remember that about a month ago he used one of his Saturday columns in the Santa Barbara News-Press to go on a tirade against the people who work at US Airways, calling them "goons" and even going so far as to compare them to "Nazis."

Don't hold your breath though while you're waiting to see if "The Investigator" takes the bite of humble pie.