Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Paris Review

I'm back. I've shaken off the jet lag and caught up on my sleep. Thanks to all of you who sent recommendations and advice in response to my posts from Paris. I thought I'd share a few thoughts on my trip to Europe. (After the photo.)

The dome at the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris.

Best place in Paris to spend 80 Euros for dinner and have nothing to show for it.

Le Taverne du Sergent Recruteur on the exclusive Ile Saint Louis. All the wine and beer you can drink can't make up for mediocre and overpriced food.

Proof that France indeed has the nuclear bomb.

The waitress who exploded into a mushroom cloud when Allison dared to order desert at lunch without first having an entree.

Best meal I had in Paris.

At Séraphin. Just watch out for the aforementioned exploding waitress.

Most popular fashion accessory among the hookers in Amsterdam's Red Light district.

Sarah Palin style eyeglasses.

Best place in Paris to get free WiFi access to the Internet.

Le McDonalds. Did you really think Parisians went there for the food?

Best bargain in Paris.

An unlimited three-day pass on the Paris Metro. It will deliver you to within a few steps of any destination in town.

Most decadent thing one can do in Paris.

Sip some bubbly at the champagne bar at the Galeries Lafayette, France's most renowned department store, while looking down at the Christmas shoppers below you who are fighting it out.

Best program on French TV.

CNN International.

"Hottest" discovery we made in Paris.

Vin Chaud. Wine served hot with sugar.

Best Thai food I've ever had in my life.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine, in the Knightsbridge district in London.

Best place to return to after being away.

Santa Barbara.