Monday, December 08, 2008

The Day After The Lay Offs, This Is How Wendy Rolls

According to one of my tipsters, last Thursday, the day after her company laid off 17 employees, News-Press owner Wendy McCaw was seen in Carpinteria being driven in a Bentley.

Not sure what model Bentley she was being chauffeured around in, but if it's a Continental, couldn't you pay the salaries of three or four reporters for what that car cost?

What Wendy's car might look like.

I'll say this for Wendy, she puts the "bent" in Bentley.

* * *

Layoff update. I've learned the identities of two more people who were fired by the News-Press last week: Yolanda Lopez had started out as the receptionist at the paper and eventually moved to ads. Her mother, Victoria, had worked at the News-Press for 30 years.

Rebecca Carrol who, among other things, compiled the Sheriff's blotter for the Goleta Valley Voice. A picture of her is posted at Edhat.

Kim Leonard, who I previously reported worked on special sections, was also the real estate editor for the paper having taken over those duties when Christina Bradfield resigned last May.

* * *

New to the local blogosphere: Rick Blain, who describes himself as a "total news junkie" is covering Santa Barbara media on his blogRick's SB Media Watch-Blog. (Although the link to his blog currently leads to an error message.)