Monday, November 24, 2008

Letting The Pictures Tell The Story

Well, this is something new!

Is the News-Press copying the appearance of the New York City tabloids, like the Post and the Daily News with full-page picture on page 1?

That's Saturday's edition of the paper on the left. Sunday's is on the right.

* * *

Not a bad day for Reid Lathan, a graduate of Santa Barbara High and Montecito Union School, who, as a wide receiver for Yale University, caught a pass Saturday in "The Game" against Harvard. Unfortunately, Yale lost 10-0.

But no athlete from Santa Barbara County had a better day over the weekend than Solvang's Chris Joseph. The UCLA grad was named as a Rhodes Scholar.

And no Santa Barbara area athlete had a worse day this past weekend than tennis great Jimmy Conners, who was arrested prior to the UCSB/North Carolina basketball game at the Thunderdome Friday night.

Sounds like the first defensive stop of the night went to the UCSB Police Department.

I wonder if the arresting officer has any eligibility left?