Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Salad Days of a Rancho Grande

It took me 36 hours to notice it. Perhaps that was due to the fact that I can't always get through the Sunday L.A. Times in one day (a problem one never has with the Sunday News-Press). But, the cover story on the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine was about the San Julian Ranch.

The San Julian Ranch is not to be confused with the Hidden Valley Ranch. Located off of Highway 1 on the way to Lompoc, San Julian is one of the oldest family-run ranches in California, according to the article. 15,000 acres in size, it has been in Jim Poett's family since before California became a state.

Jim Poett is the husband of Marianne Partridge, editor in chief of the Santa Barbara Independent. Marianne is shown preparing fresh vegetables in the kitchen in one of the nearly two dozen photos that accompany the article.

If you miss Marianne in the magazine, you can see her this weekend on the big screen in Citizen McCaw.

* * *

Elsewhere at The Times, it looks like there will be another round of staff cuts. Possibly as many as 75 people will be losing their jobs. More details at LA Observed.

No truth to the rumor that for Halloween, staff at The Times will be dressing as pirates because you never know when owner Sam Zell will be asking someone to walk the plank.

* * *

Condolences to Santa Barbara City Council member Iya Falcone, whose husband Vince Falcone, passed away yesterday morning, the victim of an apparent heart attack, at their Santa Barbara home.

* * *

Add O.J. to the list of things that will be staying in Vegas.

No "leave on vacation come home on probation" for Simpson!

* * *

The first round of News-Press endorsements for the November election appears in the paper today.

If I were a candidate and the News-Press called to say that they were endorsing me, I think I'd pull a Sarah Palin and say "thanks, but no thanks."