Monday, October 20, 2008

Orphaned Pups and Papers

The front page, above-the-fold article in Sunday's Santa Barbara News-Press was about "Adopt-a-Chihuahua Week"

I passed by this vending rack on the Mesa at 11 on Sunday morning and saw that there were still quite a few copies of the News-Press looking for a good home.

My guess is that the Chihuahuas will be easier to place than copies of the paper.

* * *

Hard to believe. The L.A. Times' endorsement of Barack Obama is the first time in the paper's history that it has endorsed a Democrat for the White House. Of course, the paper has been sitting on the sidelines for the past 36 years when it comes to White House endorsements. The last time the paper endorsed any presidential candidate was in 1972 when it backed Richard Nixon.

Yeah, I'd be laying low too for awhile.

Doesn't look like News-Press will be endorsing a candidate for president. The paper's political endorsements appeared on Sunday's opinion page, and there was no mention of the presidential race. In fact, the only candidates - as opposed to ballot measures - the paper has endorsed so far are Lauren Hanson and Bill Rosen for the Goleta Water District.

Despite an editorial and an op-ed page column by Travis Armstrong last week taking pot shots at Hannah-Beth Jackson, the paper has yet to formally come out in favor of her opponent, Tony Strickland, in the 19th state senate district race.

The dearth of candidate endorsements didn't stop the paper from publishing a sour-toned column from Santa Barbara resident Christine Lord on the front page of the Sunday Voices section.

Lord writes about parking her car downtown recently and returning to find her "McCain/Palin" and "NObama - The Audacity of Hype" bumper stickers torn off of the back window.

Lord goes on to grumble for a few hundred words about how some "lefty" violated her right to free speech. ("Lefty" is evidently the assumed political persuasion of the perpetrator as opposed to the appendage used to carry out the deed.)

Fair enough. Whomever did it, there's no excuse for that, but then she goes on to claim that Obama is a "Marxist."

A Marxist? Unless Lord majored in philosophy, I doubt that she truly knows what a "Marxist" is.

Well, at least she didn't try to pin the bumper sticker theft on the Teamsters.

* * *

After ceaselessly flogging local authorities for failing to do anything about the gang problem, how long will it be before Travis Armstrong acknowledges last week's sweep that resulted in the arrest of nine alleged gang members?

* * *

The American Journalism Review, the same folks who published Susan Paterno's article on the News-Press meltdown that got her sued by Wendy for libel, is conducting an online survey asking people who were in the newspaper industry within the last 10 years; "Is there life after newspapers?"

If you'd like to take it, click here.