Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Hope She Had On Sunscreen

I have to admit it. During the day I keep a constant eye on "the most read" posts on Edhat.

Not that I read all of them. But I like to know what's going on in town and most of all, I like to know what other Santa Barbarians find to be of interest. If it's something that I happened to write that's good. If its something I didn't write, that's okay too.

As I write this post (Monday night) I'm in second place on the Edhat list. The current occupant of first place is a photo, taken by Jo Duffy, of "a young woman worshiping the sun at Leadbetter Beach at noon on Sunday in the buff." How can I compete with that?

The photo has nearly a 200 hit lead on my post from last Friday about the latest reporter to quit the News-Press.

The presence of photos on the Internet of the scantily clad, the barely clad and the unclad is hardly startling news. But the Edhat photo is of an average, every day local taken at a location we are all familiar with, so I can see the attraction.

Almost as interesting as the photo are the readers comments that accompany it.

One reader speculates that the woman in the picture is a "hippy chick." Funny, her hips don't look that wide to me.

Another comment asks; "Don't people swim and sunbathe in the nude anymore on the beach at the end of Mesa Lane?"

I don't know, but I'll be glad to check it out and report back.

And another observes that topless sunbathing wouldn't even be a news item in places like Brazil or France.

I'll keep that in mind when it comes time to relocate with my blog.

* * *

Back in August I wrote an open letter to Santa Barbara Film Festival Director Roger Durling asking if he would consider trying to land Scarlett Johansson for next year's film fest. I concluded by saying if he wasn't wild about Scarlett, what did he think of Penelope Cruz?

Apparently he liked Penelope better than Scarlett.

Yesterday the Film Fest announced that Cruz will be presented with the Outstanding Performer of the Year Award on Saturday, January 31, at the Arlington.

Time to run. Gotta brush up on my Spanish.