Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Desk Clearing

Wednesdays are a little lighter at the Daily Sound. My friend Leslie Westbrook's, "This and That" column is on indefinite hiatus. She has written the column pretty much ever since the Daily Sound started.

She will continue to write monthly travel columns as well as write for the paper's special sections such as the holiday shopping guide.

Leslie's own words: "I will miss writing the column, but mostly I will miss hearing from my readers."

* * *

Wish I'd said that: Starshine Roshell in the Independent commenting on how Halloween costumes keep getting more and more risqué. "When did Halloween become less about disguising your persona and more about displaying your pumpkins?"

* * *

Rick Caruso told blogger Kevin Roderick of LA Observed that he is still contemplating making a run for mayor of L.A.

I guess trying to get the Miramar approved and built isn't keeping him busy enough.

* * *

When the housing bubble burst, did the Santa Barbara Housing Bubble Blog go with it? It hasn't been updated since June 9th.

* * *

I guess I'm not the only one who is missing "Morning Briefing" which was dropped this week from the L.A. Times Sports section.