Friday, October 31, 2008

For Your Weekend Viewing Pleasure

If you have friends who live in the Bay Area, you might want to mention to them that they can catch the public television debut of Citizen McCaw this Sunday.

From the San Francisco Chronicle's entertainment pages:

"At 8 p.m. Sunday, KRCB (Channel 22) will air "Citizen McCaw," a documentary about the long-running battle between Wendy McCaw, the litigious billionaire owner of the Santa Barbara News-Press, and the editors and writers who quit or were fired because they objected to her meddling in news coverage. Director Sam Tyler calls the film a cautionary tale about journalistic ethics and the First Amendment.

It features interviews with big-name newsmen like Ben Bradlee and Sander Vanocur and with key figures in the Santa Barbara story, among them Jerry Roberts, a former Chronicle managing editor, who was editor of the Santa Barbara paper until July 2006, when he and five others quit in protest over McCaw's actions."

Or if they can't catch it on TV, you can always buy the DVD and send it to them.