Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Poor Wendy's" Almanac?

Is that a newspaper or an almanac that Wendy McCaw is putting out?

The arrival of Fall hardly qualifies as breaking news. Yet the front page of Monday's News-Press is devoted to photos of rust colored leaves and an extended photo caption, carrying Scott Steepleton's tag line no less.

Sorry, but in Southern California we have no seasons. Autumnal equinoxes happen the same time every year. This is not news.

* * *

Luckiest photographer at the News-Press has to be Mike Eliason who drew the assignment of snapping pictures of UCSB coeds returning to campus for a Monday Life section article on college fashion.

* * *

The current issue of the New Yorker magazine has an article entitled "Rich Bitch."

It's about how the late Leona Helmsley left millions of dollars in her will to her pet dog.

The name of the lucky dog? "Trouble," whom author Jeffrey Toobin describes as "a Maltese bitch."

I know what many of you might be thinking, but no, I'm not going to go there.