Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's A Random Wednesday

A full week after former Gaucho swimmer Jason Lezak anchored the gold-medal-winning 100 meter freestyle relay team and thus played a major supporting role on Michael Phelps' path to a record eight gold medals, the editors of the News-Press finally give him the front page treatment.

* * *

"Local spikers mow down Italy" read the headline in the News-Press, but it was actually two Argentinians who fell victim to Santa Barbarians Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser a week ago today.

Well, at least sportswriter Blake Dorfman's story that ran under the headline had it right.

* * *

He's not from Santa Barbara, but he does have a blog.

Olympic hurdler David Oliver, mindful of the fact that just about every major U.S. city has a Chinatown, wondered whether Beijing has an "Americantown."

The answer is no, but Beijing does have an excellent Tex-Mex restaurant called "Pete's" on Jianwai Road. He will also find that a lot of Americans frequent The Courtyard, which overlooks the eastern wall of the Forbidden City and boasts a "fusion" menu. But better bring lots of yuan if you're going to eat there.

* * *

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the FBI is investigating L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.

Among the allegations: he had his city-owned SUV repaired at taxpayers' expense after his wife hit a pole in a parking lot.

What could be worse? She was driving on a suspended license at the time.

Makes News-Press editorial page editor Travis Armstrong's efforts to whip up outrage over council member Helene Schneider's traveling out of town to attend conferences seem all the more silly.

Maybe we can chip in and send Armstrong to a place where they actually have political corruption.

* * *

Sad news. The passing of Marcy Crandell, wife of Larry Crandell, Santa Barbara's favorite toastmaster.