Friday, August 29, 2008

In Connecticut, A Sign of Santa Barbara

No, the picture above wasn't taken on upper State Street but rather was snapped by me yesterday in West Haven, Connecticut.

I wonder if the waiters tell you, "We'll put your food on the grill when we see you up at the salad bar?"

After having been here just a little over three months ago to move my son out of his dorm, I'm back in New Haven to move him back in for his sophomore year.

When I packed up and went off to college, I was able to cram everything into my 1969 VW Bug. Yesterday I saw moving vans pulled up to the side of the curb and unloading in front of the dorm.

I'm getting plenty of exercise. My son is in a different dorm from last year but once again he's on the top floor. Maybe it's a way of discouraging parents from visiting. Four flights of stairs and no elevators means the dorms are "no country for old kin."

* * *

In my post about the closing of Mel's, I listed "Johnny's Back Door" as among the old-time cocktail lounges in town that had come and gone.

A couple of readers and commenters over at Edhat have pointed out that "Johnny's" is still open and apparently doing a brisk business on South Kellogg in Goleta.

Apparently I didn't do enough "research" before writing my post.