Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Déjà Vu All Over Again

No, this photo isn't one from my archive collection. It was snapped yesterday in Glen Ellen, California, a small town about 50 miles north of San Francisco.

Back in the '70's and early '80's, these orange MacElhenny Levy signs were all over Santa Barbara. That is until they were replaced by red and white Merrill Lynch signs, who had bought out the local brokerage. And no, I can't remember who came along and bought out Merrill Lynch Realty.

As far as I know, Bernie MacElhenny is still in Santa Barbara and land lording over someone. Bill Levy was last seen standing in line at the clerk's window at the Bankruptcy Court, his timeshare project on State Street south of the 101 freeway having gone, well, south.

Just goes to show, no matter where you travel you can always find a little bit of Santa Barbara.

(Correction. A reader has e-mailed and told me that the "Levy" in MacElhenny Levy was Jerome Levy, Bill Levy's father.)