Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feathers, Arrows and Cell Phones Go, Needless Car Trips Should Be Next

Woke up this morning here in New York City and read on the Daily Sound's website that the Carp School Board is sticking with it's decision to get rid of Native American imagery associated with the campus and athletic teams of Carpinteria High School.

Meanwhile, Noozhawk has a story on the Santa Barbara School Board's decision to ban the use of cell phones on campus by students. Amen.

Now, if they would only bar students from leaving campus at lunchtime in their cars.

If you've ever been out at Costco at noontime during the week you know the food court there looks like the Dos Pueblos High cafeteria.

And if you've ever been around the Santa Barbara High driveway on Anapamu Street when the lunch bell rings you're aware of the traffic jam that occurs when students take off from campus in their cars to hit the fast food joints on Milpas.

With gas creeping towards five bucks a gallon, making the students stay off the road at lunchtime would be a good way to reduce demand and help drive down oil prices.

* * *

While the Carp School Board was making headlines in the papers at home, it was a different Carpinteria School that made the Wall Street Journal. Cate School was mentioned in a story in the Journal about it's use of the Internet as a fundraising tool.

* * *

Here in New York, where my son and I are spending a couple of days, we took a subway from mid-town down to the lower east side and SoHo where we walked around and had dinner.

Some Big Apple to Santa Barbara comparisons:

Back home we have "Noleta," which is the unincorporated area between the cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta. In New York City they have "Nolita," as in "north of Little Italy."

New York has Soho, as in "south of Houston Street." Maybe we should call Santa Claus Lane "HoHo?"

Saw a sign on an apartment building in Soho advertising an "alcove studio" for $1750. Isn't "alcove studio" a euphemism for "hall closet?"

At a filling station on Houston Street, premium gas is $4.23 a gallon which I don't think is as much as they're getting for it out at Storke and Hollister.

I'd love to stick around and blog some more but it's time to hit the streets again!