Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Target of "Preemptive Strike" Strikes Back

Any hope that Rob Lowe's attorney Stanton Stein had that the former nanny Lowe has sued would just "go away" pretty much got up and went on Tuesday morning.

The nanny, Jessica Gibson, appeared on the Today show to tell her side of the story.

Of course the person doing most of the talking was her attorney, Gloria Allred. And once Allred gets rolling, its hard to get in a word edgewise.

Sitting in front of the cameras in L.A. with Allred holding her hand while Meredith Viera interviewed her from New York, Gibson denied trying to blackmail the Lowes. When asked if she had ever demanded money from the Lowes Allred jumped in to answer denying that her client had done anything improper.

When asked by Viera if her allegations are true why did she stick around, Gibson replied: "I loved the children, I needed the job, I always thought it would get better and I was scared."

When asked what Lowe did to abuse her, she wouldn't say. However, the counter-suit that Allred has filed in her behalf alleging sexual assault, battery and retaliation does go into quite a bit of detail. However, if you want to find out what the particulars are, you're on your own. The sordid details are too creepy for me to go into here and anyway, I'd prefer to stick to talking about how the media is covering this story.

Allred announced during the interview that she plans on taking the depositions of both Lowe and his wife on May 19th.

It's a good thing that Stein, who represents Wendy McCaw's News-Press in its copyright suit against the Indy and its libel suit against Susan Paterno, has settled the former case and is likely on the verge of getting a decision in the latter.

It looks like he's going to have his hands full battling Allred in the media.