Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Full Moon Fever?

The Earth Day celebration reviews are in.

From the Daily Sound:
With clear skies and a bright sun above, thousands of folks wound their way through the maze of booths at the South Coast Earth Day Festival yesterday, getting tips and ideas on how to tread more lightly on the planet.

From Noozhawk:
Beneath brilliant sunny skies, thousands of locals — and quite a few out-of-towners — converged on the Courthouse Sunken Garden on Sunday for the annual South Coast Earth Day Festival.

From Rachel Weight, writing in the Santa Barbara Independent:
Committed to my self-proclaimed role as the Holiday Enforcer, I skipped down to the Sunken Gardens . . . with thousands of others equally determined to dance, eat, and raise a toast to Mother Nature, while learning about the myriad ways one can Reduce your Eco-footprint.

And from Wendy McCaw's News-Press:
Hundreds came out to the Sunken Gardens at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday.

Hundreds? What Earth Day celebration were they covering?

And that quote doesn't come from an article but rather from a photo caption. The News-Press did not run a story on the Earth Day celebration.

As I wrote yesterday, Travis Armstrong, who serves as both Wendy McCaw's lap dog and pit bull, was poo pooing the Earth Day festivities before they started so I suppose a half-hearted effort to cover the celebration was to be expected.

If it were circulation figures they were reporting I'm sure the News-Press would have found a way to make the numbers look larger.

* * *

Sunday's L.A. Times Hot Property column reported that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, have bought a 25-acre tract in the Rancho Monte Alegre project in Santa Barbara County.

In case you're wondering where Rancho Monte Alegre is you'll find it in Carpinteria just north of the intersection of Santa Monica and Foothill Roads.

* * *

Has the first domino fallen at the Wall Street Journal?

Less than five months after Rupert Murdoch took control of the paper, its top editor is resigning.

And why should we here in Santa Barbara be concerned with what's going on at the Journal? Assuming that the circulation numbers at the News-Press continue to decline, the WSJ may be one of the better read dailies in this town.

* * *

The San Francisco Chronicle calls Citizen McCaw "the scariest film involving journalists since Zodiac."

And unlike "Zodiac," we know the true identity of the villain in "Citizen McCaw."