Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Finding Their News In the Gutter?

How many News-Press reporters does it take to do a story on bowling? Apparently the answer is two.

Yes, the paper that couldn't send anyone to cover the mayor's State of the City Speech, sent a reporter, the associate editor and a photographer, down to the local bowling alley on Monday to get bowlers' reactions to Barack Obama's performance as a bowler and to see if they could find someone who was worse at the game than he was.

And they ran both stories on the front page Tuesday.

Each story carried two by-lines: Angel Pacheco and Larry The Cable Guy. At a paper where "Staff Report" is apparently the hardest working journalist on the payroll, there is no doubt about who is responsible for this pair of articles. Did they think they'd miss out on a Pulitzer Prize?

The paper has no one assigned to the beats of Goleta, city government, religion, education, county government, or cops and courts, according to what News-Press attorney Barry Cappello told a federal judge on Monday. (And the paper didn't send anyone down to Los Angeles to cover that hearing either.) But if a gutter ball goes down at the bowling alley, Wendy McCaw's News-Press will be all over it.

The best local news to be had?" Well they sure have the 7/10 split covered.

* * *

And did you hear about the million dollar pot bust out in Goleta? (Another story that wasn't covered in the News-Press.)

A large commercial building was being used to grow marijuana plants indoors.

Sounds like the suspect was just trying to make the "highest" and best use of the property.