Thursday, April 24, 2008

But How Did She Do In Punxsutawney?

Credit for this first item goes to my friend George over at "I'm Not One To Blog But. . .," who spotted and blogged it first.

Not only is that headline not right, it's incorrect. (If you know what I'm getting at.) According to the Washington Post, in Philadelphia County Obama got 65% of the vote to Clinton's 35%.

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Look for former Daily Sound columnist Leslie Westbrook, who was "put on hold" along with myself back at the end of January, to make a return to the Sound in the very near future.

Maybe she can double as the geography and political science instructor.

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Having given the Sound a hard time over Wednesday's headline at least I can point out that beginning April 29 you can have the Daily Sound delivered to your home. The cost is $1.68 per week and you can sign up here.

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We now know who the judge is who has been assigned to hear the Rob Lowe nanny case that was filed in Santa Barbara Superior Court and no, it's not Meredith Viera of the Today show. Judge Denise de Bellefeuille (pronounced de-Bell-fay) will be handling the Lowe's lawsuit against Jessica Gibson.

The separate lawsuit that Lowe and his wife filed against their former chef Pete Clements has been assigned to Judge Thomas Anderle. Unlike Gibson who has filed an answer and counterclaim against the Lowe's, Clements, as of Wednesday, had not filed a responsive pleading. Prior to working for the Lowes, Clements was the chef at Cottage Hospital and before that, at Emilio's.

The Lowe's third lawsuit against another former nanny was filed in Superior Court in Los Angeles County.

If you've been following this case you know that Gibson, the nanny, is represented by L.A. attorney Gloria Allred. While Gloria is getting all of the face-time in front of the cameras talking to the media about this case, quietly toiling behind the scenes is Santa Barbara attorney Jim Cordes who is serving as co-counsel.

I spoke with him on the phone Friday. He would only say that he is "looking forward to prosecuting the case on behalf of Jessica," and referred me to Allred for all other questions.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Lowe was giving the first of a two-part interview to Entertainment Tonight.

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The review of Citizen McCaw that recently appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle has generated requests for screeners of the movie from national media including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and NPR, according to Sam Tyler one of the documentary's co-producers.

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Five former News-Press journalists; Jane Hulse, Melinda Burns, Dawn Hobbs, Melissa Evans, and Anna Davison, will be among those honored by the Association for Women in Communications at a May 7 luncheon at the Canary Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara.

For more info and to purchase tickets, go to, or call 962-5884, or email