Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Citizen McCaw A Box Office Champ?

Overheard at the post-premiere party last Friday night was someone speculating that Citizen McCaw would have the highest per screen average of any movie in the country for the weekend.

As near as I can figure, it did. (Of course, never trust a lawyer's math.) Per screen average is determined by taking a movie's weekend gross and dividing it by the number of theaters it was shown in. The resulting figure is the per screen average. For example, this past weekend "10,000 B.C." made its debut in 3,410 theaters across the country where it grossed $35,867,488 for a per screen average of $10,518.

The Arlington with 2200 seats at $15 per ticket meant that Citizen McCaw would have grossed $33,000 had all those tickets been sold at face value. And since it was a single showing on one screen that $33,000 would also be its per screen average. I don't know of any movie that did any better than that last weekend.

* * *

Required reading for a Wednesday. If you haven't already read it, by all means check out the L.A. Times article on the premiere of Citizen McCaw that appeared on Monday.

Articles on The Times website only stay posted for a week and then they disappear into the archive where you have to pay to read them.

After you've read the article go over to I'm Not One To Blog But . . . and see George's take on what McCaw's attorney and chief handler Barry Cappello was quoted in the story as saying.

* * *

The newest member of the Santa Barbara blogosphere is Captain Haley's Log of Santa Barbara's Tall Buildings.

According to the blog's mission statement its purpose is "to assist the Santa Barbara community in its deliberations regarding building height" by creating a photo blog depicting the city's tallest buildings.

It's a good looking blog but the name's a little too long for my liking.

I would have simply called it "Acrophobia."