Friday, March 14, 2008

Dolphins, Dogs, Salmon and a Duck With Ruffled Feathers

The Santa Barbara School District has notified over 50 of their teachers that they might be laid off. The City Council has approved a controversial condo project on the west side. And the four finalists hoping to become the next president of Santa Barbara City College meet the community. Yet the featured story on the front page of the Santa Barbara News-Press yesterday was about a kennel in Solvang getting the okay to operate.

Is this really a big story? One that merits sending the paper's associate editor "Larry the Cable Guy," to cover it?

Also on the front page of the News-Press yesterday were stories about salmon and dolphins.

The best coverage of local news to be had?

* * *

The most expensive ticket to the premiere showing of Citizen McCaw last Friday cost $200. However, there were two people in the audience that night who may have been paid $300 per hour or more to watch the film and take notes.

Matthew Clarke and Dugan Kelly, attorneys with Barry Cappello's firm, were at the Arlington on Friday. Word is they watched the film but didn't bother to stick around for the Q & A session with the producers.

* * *

The News-Press is currently running a promotion on its website inviting readers to vote for their favorite movie.

Anyone care to cast a ballot or two for Citizen McCaw? You can e-mail your choice to

Or go to the website and click the "What's your favorite movie link?" about halfway down the left side of the page. The latter option allows you to vote without giving your e-mail address.

* * *

Thanks to a reader for this last thought. If things like Citizen McCaw are "literally, like water off her back," as Cappello was quoted telling the L.A. Times, why did Wendy have Cappello send out cease and desist letters to the local shop owners who had posted "McCaw Obey The Law" signs in their businesses?