Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Primary Colors

Last night I headed over to the local Obama campaign's election night party which was held at the Downtown Brewery on upper State Street.

Between 9:30 and 10:30 pm the crowd peaked at an estimated 200 or so. It looked more like Super Bowl Sunday as opposed to Tsunami Tuesday with the Obama faithful cheering, chanting and clapping at every announcement of their candidate winning a state.

I talked to a number of people at the party who told me that this was their first involvement in a political campaign. Of course that wouldn't apply to City Council Member Das Williams who was at the party still in the same suit and tie he was wearing at the City Council meeting earlier in the day.

Media there to cover the party included John Palminteri of KEYT, Martha Sadler of the Indy as well as Indy photographer Paul Wellman.

Eight thirtyish over at the Stateside restaurant in La Arcada court the crowd reportedly numbered just under 50 for the Hillary Clinton election night party. In attendance at that party were former Second District Supervisor Susan Rose and current Second District Supervisor Janet Wolfe.

Although Clinton won California by a healthy margin that wasn't the case in Santa Barbara County where Obama appears to be the clear winner. Shortly before 11 pm last night this is what the Santa Barbara County vote looked like:

Could this be attributable to the Oprah bash back in September and the appearance earlier that same day at Santa Barbara City College? A lot of people showed up to see him between those two events and I have yet to meet anyone who didn't come away impressed.

* * *

After viewing the election night coverage on the high definition flat screen TV's at the Downtown Brewery I have this question for Cox Cable's Dave Edelman. Why can't we get CNN HD on Cox Cable? (The Downtown Brewery gets their TV feed via satellite.)

* * *

Countdown to the premiere showing of Citizen McCaw, Friday March 7th at the Arlington Theater, which is just about exactly one month away.

The website for the film, which includes trailers, background material and of course info on ticket prices and where to purchase them, is now fully functional.

Go on over there, look around and kick the tires.

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