Friday, December 07, 2007

The Readers Score Some Points

In yesterday's post I noted that with the firing of copy editor Cliff Redding, the News-Press still had at least one African-American on the payroll; Graham Brown who is the Director of Community Relations.

Reader Joe Allegretti wrote in with this to say:

I had to laugh when I saw mention in your last line that "Director of Community Relations, Graham Brown, is still there."

"Community Relations"? I know that the SBNP is still involved in community charity drives and events and so forth, but at first glance, I can't think of a WORSE job to be had in the entire universe. Well, ok, maybe "Director of Community Relations for the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Industry" might be worse. Just barely.

I think you were right the first time. Director of Community Relations for the News-Press is the less desirable job.

* * *

In yesterday's post I asked, how the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse can justify charging $15 for a Martini? Reader Michael Holmstrom wrote in with this explanation:

In response to your questions about why Ruth's Chris Charges $15.00 for a martini: I asked the same question to general manager Chris Goodyear during my dining visit on opening night weekend and he stated that the Ruth's Chris Martini is actually a double pour (I think he said the bartender pours the vodka for eight seconds instead of the normal four second pour). So what you are really getting is a drink twice as big and presumably twice as strong as any other martini in town. I enjoyed one myself and would have to say it's a pretty big martini. So there you have it.

Actually, at fifteen bucks a glass, I'm still not having it.

* * *

This past Sunday was the last broadcast for KEYT's Rosemary Orozco. She has taken a position in Sacramento with KTXL, channel 40, the FOX affiliate for that market.

Former weekend sports guy Mike Klan starts Saturday as the weekend anchor for KEYT News taking Rosemary's place.

* * *

If you happen to see me out and about this weekend, by all means stop and say hi. I'll be the guy looking for the reasonably priced Martinis.

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