Monday, December 31, 2007

News-Press Ordered to Reinstate Eight Fired Reporters

The journalists fired from the Santa Barbara News-Press have won a major victory. An administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that the News-Press violated the National Labor Relations Act by discharging Melinda Burns, Anna Davison, Tom Schultz, Barney McManigal, Rob Kuznia, Dawn Hobbs, John Zant, and Melissa Evans in retaliation for their union activity and support.

Administrative Law Judge William G. Kocol also found the News-Press in violation of the federal labor law for being discriminatory in lowering the evaluations of Hobbs, Evans, Davison and current employee Karna Hughes, determining that they should have received bonuses that they were denied because of the News-Press' unlawful decision making. Further, the Judge found that the News-Press violated the National Labor Relations Act by:

* firing Bob Guiliano;
* issuing letters of suspension to numerous employees for their attempt to deliver a demand letter to Wendy McCaw;
* canceling the column of Starshine Roshell;
* prohibiting the wearing of "McCaw, Obey the Law" signs and the display of "McCaw, Obey the Law" signs;
* engaging in surveillance of union activities; and
* threatening and coercively interrogating employees concerning their protected activities.
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