Monday, November 26, 2007

No One Left There Hungry

Sunday's News-Press had a nice write up by Lorraine Wilson of the Lifetime Achievement Awards Dinner that was held a week ago Saturday at the Bacara, complete with a description of the four course meal that was served.

The article was accompanied with photos of the honorees including one showing honoree Joe Howell along with his wife. With them in the picture was former News-Press publisher Steve Ainsley who made the award presentation to Joe.

And of course there's the photo taken at the event of News-Press owner Wendy McCaw smiling and looking straight into the camera with boyfriend and co-publisher Arthur von Wiesenberger standing at her side smiling and looking straight at her.

Funny, the way he's looking at her you'd think she was his meal ticket.

* * *

Speaking of meals, among those showing up for the "soft" opening of the new Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in La Cumbre Plaza a week or so ago were Wendy and Arthur.

I know what you're thinking. What's a notorious vegan like McCaw doing eating at a steakhouse?

Can't say for sure, but knowing that Jeramy Gordon, my editor and publisher over at the Daily Sound, was also there that same night I'd say it's a pretty safe bet it was a free meal.

* * *

Latest to say take the advice "sal si puedes" at the News-Press: distribution director Kathy Knobbe, reportedly to take a job in Texas.

Hopefully no one tried to blame her for the dip in those circulation numbers.

* * *

Did anyone else notice that KEYT's long-time weekend sports guy Mike Klan is suddenly off the air?

The "Friday Football Focus" show of over a week ago was his last appearance. He had been with the station for about 12 years.
* * *

Finally, in response to my post from last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, a number of you wrote in to share your memories about where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news that President Kennedy was shot.

My favorite anecdote on the subject was e-mailed in by a reader named Julia (no last name given.)

Reminds me of an item in Herb Caen's column around the time that Oliver Stone's movie JFK came out. A 40-something couple was standing in line for the film in front of a 20-something twosome on a date. The man in front asked his wife, "honey, where were you when JFK was shot?" Before she could answer, the younger guy behind him spoke up: "DUDE, thanks for ruining the movie for us!"

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