Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Copy Editor: "It Wasn't Me"

News-Press copy editor Lara Milton, whose "farewell address" was the subject of my earlier post today has contacted me and asked that I make it clear that she is not the author of the farewell message.

"I did not write that piece and I am not sure how it ended up on the Web as part of Dr. Laura's column . . . please clarify that I am NOT the author - the made-up words and bad grammar should have been a dead giveaway."

Lara did resign from the News-Press though as I originally reported. Her last day is scheduled to be tomorrow.

And in other news, the Teamsters Union is filing an unfair labor practice charge with the NLRB against the News-Press to protest the newspaper's use of "temporary" employees, purportedly through a temporary agency subcontractor, to perform newsroom work that the NLRB has certified must be performed by employees represented by the Union.

A press release from the Union quoted its chief negotiator Nick Carsuso as saying, "We tried to address and resolve this fundamental issue at the bargaining table without adversary action or rancor, but the Employer insisted it has the right to continue to shrink the bargaining unit (now at approximately 23, according to the Employer) while adding in unprecedented fashion, an allegedly "temporary" workforce."

Gee, and to think I was worried that those flying unfair labor charge exchanges had ground to a halt.

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