Friday, November 09, 2007

But Will He Be Back?

Slipping into town last weekend and working out at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club was none other than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver.

The “Governator” and First Lady were at the Castillo Street club on Monday and Arnold, who an observer reported to be in excellent shape, was hitting the exercise machines hard.

While at the club he was mingling with the locals, one of whom was former State Assembly Member and current candidate for the State Senate Hannah-Beth Jackson, who was working out at the same time.

Julie Main, the Head Fred of the athletic club, also got a chance to introduce herself to the Governor and Shriver.

By all accounts Arnold was in a friendly mood and looked great. Someone even remarked that he appears to be taking it easier on the hair dye.

Well, I guess no one can ever accuse him of being a Reagan Republican.

* * *

Last week I wrote about the difficulties new KEYT morning weather guy Peter Kulevich seemed to be having pronouncing some of our local place names. Several of you wrote to say that his pronunciation of Isla Vista as "Eees-la Vista" is actually the correct pronunciation in Spanish. It's us Gringos who insist on pronouncing it "Eye-la Vista."

And I am happy to report that Kulevich is now correctly pronouncing Lompoc as "Lom-poke" and not "Lom-pock."

Rather than calling Kulevich the “weather guy” perhaps we should start referring to him as the “whether guy” because you never know “whether” or not he’s going to pronounce a name correctly.

By the way, just about the same time as my deadline for last week's column, KEYT was completing the switchover with its new cable channel 13, known as "My RTN Central Coast" (the RTN stands for retro television network). As of 10 a.m. last Tuesday the spin-off channel no longer simulcasts KEYT's programming and instead has its own unique line-up.

Part of what took KEYT so long to work out its differences with Cox Cable over carrying its high definition and secondary digital signal, which are technically known as KEYT D1 and KEYT D2, was KEYT's insistence that its spin-off signal get a top 20 position on the cable channel system. That's why KEYT D2 it's carried on channel 13 and not on channel 213.

Remember when Bruce Springsteen sang about "57 channels and nothing on?" If only it were so simple.

* * *

In his restaurant column in Tuesday's edition of the Daily Sound, John Dickson reports that the “Luck CafĂ©,” a downtown version of Montecito’s “Lucky’s” will be opening on Cota Street, between Blue Agave and Square One, sometime in the not too distant future.

Just what Santa Barbara needs, another place to buy an overpriced Martini.

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