Friday, October 12, 2007

A Sound Move for Hannah

Hannah Guzik, the former News-Press reporter who resigned because she didn't appreciate the way her news accounts of the News-Press/NLRB hearings were being edited, is now a reporter for the Santa Barbara Daily Sound.

She had two by-lined articles in yesterday's edition of the Sound. One on the Santa Barbara School District's budget problems and the other on the opening of a new restaurant/night club in the space formerly occupied by the Acapulco in La Arcada Court.

According to Jeramy Gordon, the Editor and Publisher of the Daily Sound, Guzik officially started last week. She will be covering the City of Goleta and the Santa Barbara School Districts as well as other general assignment stories. "She's a talented, hard working writer and we're thrilled to be working with her."

Guzik joins the two other full-time reporters at the paper, Colby Frazier and Eric Lindberg.

Sounds to me like they've got "Hannah and the Misters" covering the news at the Daily Sound.

While the Daily Sound's news staff is best described by a play on the title of a Woody Allen movie, the News-Press' staff ought to be going by the name of a TV show on CBS, "Without A Trace."

Check out the News-Press' staff listing on their website. They list only one Santa Barbara based news reporter, Kathleen Stinson, who is described as "News Department."

The News-Press is looking to beef up the staff. I came across ads for reporters as well as copy editors, that the News-Press had placed on ""

With so few reporters on staff who's writing all of those "Staff Reports" which is the most ubiquitous by-line found in the paper these days?

Word around town is that press releases often appear in the paper as "Staff Reports."

* * *

The News-Press is in the midst of a subscription drive. They're calling old subscribers and offering them a week's subscription for $1.75 for 13 weeks. Part of the pitch is that the papers will have a lot of free coupons from advertisers.

I think they'd do better if the pitch was they've decided to bargain in good faith with the union and drop their lawsuit against Jerry Roberts.

* * *

My friend Phyllis dePicciotto wrote in to tell me about "Lights Out Santa Barbara" which will take place from 8 to 9 pm on Saturday October 20th, when the community is invited turn off their lights and shut off all non-essential electrical use for one hour.

Phyllis points out that it's a great idea and an extremely simple way to make a statement that we can all do something that will effectively save energy.

The event does occur during the second half of ABC's college football game of the week on KEYT. For the suffering Santa Barbara fans of Bruin football like myself, Lights Out Santa Barbara comes exactly two weeks too late, Notre Dame having staged "Lights Out UCLA" during that very time slot back on October 7th.

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