Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Calculated Decision or Mere Coincidence?

News-Press attorney Barry Cappello has the process servers working overtime again. This time they're serving deposition subpoenas for Wendy McCaw's case against former editor Jerry Roberts which is pending before an arbitrator.

The deposition subpoenas require the recipients to appear and answer questions from Cappello under oath as he tries to collect evidence for McCaw's case against Roberts.

Among those getting a visit from the process server (who undoubtedly ranks right up there with the undertaker in the unwelcome visitors department) are Mercedes Eichholz, President of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and author Annie Bardach.

The date Bardach has been subpoenaed to appear in Santa Barbara for the depo has raised a few eyebrows. Her depo is scheduled for November, 6th, the same date Roberts is to receive the PEN Society's First Amendment Award in Beverly Hills. Bardach is on the board of the PEN USA and one of the organizers of the evening event.

Bardach suspects that the sub is an attempt to intimidate her. "The subpoena appears to be an attempt to subvert the PEN Awards dinner on November 6th...That will not happen. In fact, I have asked Helen Mirren and Lawrence O'Donnell to present awards and they have enthusiastically accepted. We now have Gore Vidal, Larry Gelbart as MC and we're waiting to hear from Nora Ephron, Candace Bergen and other champions of the First Amendment. We're hoping that Michael Douglas, once a owner of the LA Weekly, may participate as well..."

Hopefully Douglas will be free that evening and not a guest on Wendy's yacht.

Also being honored at the event that evening is Charles Tobin, the lawyer who is battling McCaw on behalf of the American Journalism Review and Susan Paterno.

* * *

It was the lead story on KEYT's 5 p.m newscast on Monday. It was the front page above the fold story in the Daily Sound yesterday. Yet there was no mention of it in Monday's News-Press.

It was the story of a car that plunged off of the San Ysidro Road overpass and onto the southbound lanes of Highway 101 on early Sunday morning taking the lives of two people.

I don't think this story could have been dismissed as just another auto accident story. It involved fatalities and the southbound lanes of our major transportation artery were closed for five hours on Sunday morning as a result of it.

Monday evening, the News-Press website finally had a link to the story, time stamped 4:34 pm under the heading "Tomorrow's News Today."

It should have run under the heading "We're A Day Late With Yesterday's News."

* * *

On Sunday the News-Press announced the recipients of and the venue for the Lifetime Achievement Awards. Yesterday they announced the two charities that would be the beneficiaries of this year's News-Press Holiday Fund; the Unity Shoppe and the Resq Cats.

Of course, in the News-Press article the Resq Cats got top billing. Yes, the Unity Shoppe, who for years has focused on people in need, will split the proceeds raised in the holiday fund drive this year with an organization dedicated to making life better for abandoned cats.

Sounds to me like somebody got into the catnip when they made that decision.

* * *

The "Double Trouble Twins" had a date in court last Thursday. According to local attorney James Crowder, who represents one of the twins, Andrea Nowak, who has been charged with receiving stolen property, both Andrea, and her sister Alyssa, who is charged with burglary, have been released from jail and ordered to participate in a treatment program while they await their next court appearances which are scheduled for November 27th.

According to my old friend Crowder, both have issues that need to be addressed before their cases can be resolved.

* * *

Although the only people who are probably interested are myself and the members of my immediate family (and I'm not too sure about them) the current issue of Pacific Coast Business Times has an article about me, written by Stephen Nellis, running under the title "Blogger has past as lawyer."

Well, at least he didn't say it was a "checkered" past.

It's not available on-line but you can pick a copy up downtown at either Borders or Barnes & Noble, or at the Pacific Coast Business Times office at 14 E. Carrillo Street, Suite A.

* * *

Roger Durling, executive director of the Santa Barbara film fest, has done it again. First it was announced that Cate Blanchett would be one of the stars to be honored at next year's film fest which is just a few months away. Yesterday it was announced that Angelina Jolie will also be an honored guest at the festival.

Time to run now. I gotta head over to some of the shopping sites and pick out some crooked bow ties for the ladies to straighten.

P.S. Noozhawk debuts today!

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