Friday, August 31, 2007

Why Bloggers Rarely Go On Vacation

It's the start of Labor Day weekend and I almost took another day off from blogging. Then I saw what happened to fellow blogger Kevin Roderick when he took some time off and left LA Observed in the hands of a colleague.

Dear Kevin,

It's a week into the new direction here at LAO and so far, not too bad. We've managed not to burn the place down and have even gotten a little work done. Helped break some news, spread some gossip, and posted only two links to pet pix. (OK, make that three.)

Now about that guy who showed up here the other day, the one in the fancy suit and the shiny wing tip shoes. He left some papers that have my neighbor, a law student, muttering the word "squash." Or is it "quash"? Never mind, it's probably nothing.



Sounds like Barry Cappello is still giving the subpoena man plenty of work.

* * *

Following my post yesterday, which also appeared in the Daily Sound on Wednesday, I heard from more people who are eager to take credit for the demise of the lightblue line. Joe Armendariz of the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association wrote to update me on his organization's role and "McConfrontation" thinks that this post on his own blog was the, ahem, watershed moment.

After reading it I'd have to say the blue line is looking better all the time.

* * *

Yesterday I gave Daily Sound columnist Leslie Westbrook the credit for being the first person in the local print media to write about the Oprah/Obama bash. Mark Whitehurst wrote to point out the CASA Magazine ran the story on Friday July 20 and he believes that the News-Press ran an AP wire story on it the next day. Leslie's column ran two days later. Mark is the publisher of CASA Magazine.

* * *

The News-Press is about due to make some kind of statement regarding what its intentions are with respect to negotiating with the Teamsters Union now that the NLRB has certified the election results. I wouldn't be surprised if they try that old Washington D.C. trick of trying to bury "bad" news by announcing it on the Friday afternoon of a three-day weekend. Which would be today.

I have company coming into town so unless there is some news to report in that regard, I'll see you here Tuesday.

* * *

Today's last word goes to Dr. Laura, who led off her column yesterday with this statement: "The only blog I know about in Santa Barbara that doesn't spend almost full-time ragging on the News-Press is Craig Smith's blog and Blogabarbara don't seem to have any other focus . . ."

Perhaps, but Santa Barbara's Blog doesn't get mentioned nearly as frequently in Dr. Laura's column as those other two.

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