Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Barely Time to Blog!

Let the record reflect that I have shown up for today's session of the NLRB hearings in the case against the News-Press. The administrative law judge who is presiding over the matter is living up to his reputation as being a no nonsense guy. Normally I have no problem with that being a mere spectator but the no nonsense dimension to his personality includes only a one hour break for lunch.

I realize that's perfectly reasonable for most of society but as a reformed lawyer I had become used to the customary hour and a half lunch break during trials.

Also consider that during this break I have to stop by the car, get my laptop and cell phone out of the trunk then walk two blocks down to the Coffee Cat where the WiFi is free.

By the time I arrive I'm famished so I have to decide on which sandwich dejour to purchase stand in line to buy it then consume it.

Of course by then it's nearly 12:45 pm and I still haven't typed a word on my the mid-day update to the blog.

That's a long winded explanation for the sparsity of substantive content in this post. Nevertheless, here's what happened this morning.

Scott Steepleton continued on the witness stand with union attorney Ira Gottlieb completing his examination of him. Then it was Barry Cappello's turn. The main subject of testimony has been the firings of Melinda Burns and Anna Davison and whether the stated reason for their termination, bias, was really a pre-text for getting rid of them because union activism.

Although Cappello is not through with Steepleton, when we resume after lunch general counsel for the NLRB will be calling Linda Strean, Jerry Robert's top lieutenant in the newsroom, as she is flying in from Oakland in order to testify.

I thought there was going to be a minor inquisition as we recessed for lunch. One of the NLRB attorneys complained that someone in the audience was using a laptop and the typing was disturbing him. I could see the judge tense up as electronic devices are strictly forbidden in the courtroom. Turns out the offending person was one of Cappello's paralegals who was seated in the front row. Once the perpetrator was identified it was obvious that the rest of us were free to go.

Pip pip for now!

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