Wednesday, July 11, 2007

As The World Turns.

I mentioned yesterday that Cristina Wilson, who sells advertising for the Goleta Valley Voice, a Wendy McCaw owned publication, was let go. A part-time employee and the mother of three kids, she is a long-time resident of Goleta.

Wilson actually use to be one of four owners of the Valley Voice. That group sold the paper to Jim Farr who ran it for awhile then ultimately sold it to McCaw's Ampersand Publishing.

Rumor is that Farr, whose non-compete agreement with Ampersand has either expired or is about to expire, is contemplating starting up a competing paper in Goleta. I'm sure that there are some people who figure that with all the trouble at the News-Press, the Valley Voice is weak and ripe for the taking. I don't know the man so I can't tell you whether he's a shark that smells blood in the water or just a playful dolphin.

By the way, Wilson and Farr are reportedly "an item."

* * *

Maybe Wendy would be better off in Australia? A reader brought to my attention an article in the July 2nd issue of the New Yorker examining what the Wall Street Journal might become if Rupert Murdoch owned it. According to the article, in Australia, where Murdoch hails from, newspaper owners use their newspapers "to support or oppose political parties, settle private feuds, and cross-promote their other interests. Any idea that they could not do this would have met with bewilderment."

Maybe if we promise Wendy a few vegemite sandwiches and remind her that there's no California Coastal Commission in Australia perhaps she could be enticed to pack up and move to the land down under?

* * *

Yesterday I had my first opportunity to work with former News-Press reporter Leana Orsua on a story she reported for her new employer KSBY TV. I was asked about the significance of DNA evidence in a criminal case where the testimony was that the likelihood of DNA found on the alleged victim belonging to someone other than the defendant as being "about one in 7.2 trillion."

Coincidentally, one in 7.2 trillion also describes the odds of Wendy McCaw ever finding a real editor and publisher to run the News-Press.

* * *

Today's last word comes from Lisa Wilson, who e-mailed me bright and early Tuesday morning in response to my post about people who want me to stop writing about the News-Press Mess.

"I would have sent an e-mail earlier, months ago perhaps, but as you pointed out in your post today you enjoy your obsession with the Newspress as do the gentlemen running the blogabarbara. So why do I have you bookmarked? I also enjoy reading your comments because the three of you are trainwrecks. I used to wonder why you have this sick need to fixate on the Newspress and the people who work there but if (it) fills a need for the three of you so go ahead and I'll continue to breifly stop by and read your ramblings and wonder why on earth you are wasting so many of your brain cells and life minutes on such matters. What sad little lives you lead."

Well, I'm glad that somebody is finally getting some enjoyment out of my wretched and sad little train wreck of a life.

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